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Center for Healing One's Private Emotions, PLLC

~Healing Begins with HOPE~




Feeling lost and overwhelmed in your chaos?

Log on and let's chat.   

Let's engage in EMDR, or talk therapy that focuses on: 

your relationship with your partner that is NOT what you dreamed of,

how your parents ruined your childhood,

your kid being targeted by a &@%$ at school, or maybe your kid is the @$%& at school.

Whatever it is that is weighing you down; log on, and let's settle your chaos.

 I provide a safe place to discuss those hard feelings of shame, failure, and guilt.

While adding some connection, compassion, and empathy into your life by offering validation, organizing thoughts, and healing from past trauma. 

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"The butterfly does not look back a the caterpillar in shame, just as you should not look back at your past in shame. Your past was part of your own transformation." 

~ Anthony Gucciardi

It's okay

to not want to come to therapy or feel like you don't need it...

...but come anyway. 

Fear of

change, the unknown, or feelings, and memories that may come up can be intimidating...

...but come anyway. 

You can always continue

to be miserable, to be anxious, to be depressed, and to keep brushing that trauma under the rug.

* Please don't choose this*


together with EMDR or talk therapy, we can let go of those nasty thoughts, and drop the weight of your trauma while gaining confidence and faith in yourself. 

*I like this idea the best!*

I’m Melinda!

If you are anything like me, you are flawed and imperfect; yet you are your own worst critic. Ugh...all the things we are not supposed to worry about; we do and we let get us down. Here we are....letting outside distractions ruin our day, ruin our relationships, and our careers. But they don't have to! If you want to organize your thoughts, learn to practice grace, or gain strength by letting go of that paralyzing feeling of being lost and overwhelmed; follow the steps below:


  • First, you will need to schedule a video consultation with me. Simply click here.


  • When you log on to a consultation with me, I'll share a rundown of how the flow of my practice works; with expectations of you as the client and myself as your therapist.

  • After the free little chat, YOU get to decide if I will be an asset in your healing journey while I determine if my training and expertise will mesh with your therapeutic goals.

  • The next time we meet (your initial/first session), I get all nosey in your life to understand all things YOU.  I'll ask questions and have you complete a few assessments. These are all completed within your account in my client portal.


  • Now, we get to start hanging out weekly where rapport is built and therapy begins. I like to use a little CBT, a lot of EMDR, and a sprinkle of Narrative Therapy. (I go into more detail about each during the consultation and initial session or any session at any time.)

It should be noted that I may need to encourage or nudge you to be brave and dig deep. (This is where I don't beat around the bush very well.) Not everyone likes this part of therapy but it is most important to move through stress/anxiety, trauma (from childhood or adulthood), and any growing pains life may be throwing your way. But don't worry...we will be doing it together with so much compassion and deep breathing!

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What others have said about me. 

Clients have described me as being human, relatable, honest, observant, easy to talk to, and inclusive. 


My long-standing mentor of thirteen years has consistently described my therapeutic style as direct, compassionate, and realistic. Apparently, I don't beat around the bush very well. 

Other mental health professionals describe me as straightforward, knowledgeable, trustworthy, confident, respectable, and empathetic.


My favorite yet simple quote used to describe me:


~ Ruth Chapman, MSW IMH-E


Humans who are feeling anxious, depressed, and need to move out of survival mode and into a thriving chapter of life

– are my humans.


New parents navigating the highs and lows of adjusting to a new world

– are my humans.


Young adults trying to discover their identity and path in life

– are my humans.


Humans in a quarter or midlife crisis experiencing burnout, marriage fatigue, loneliness, and loss of identity after becoming empty nesters

– are my humans.


Chaotic lives seeking a balance in new beginnings

– this is where I meet you!

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Center for HOPE

ONLINE THERAPY with Melinda Schuster, M.A., LPC-S


Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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