Domestic Violence Inventory


Follow this step-by-step process to schedule your court-ordered DVI

If you would like to schedule a free 15 mins consultation prior to your DVI session, click here

Click here to "Request Appointment". This will open a new page where you will click "Request Appointment" again. At this point:

  • Click “DVI” or "Initial Consultation"

  • Select “Video Office”

  • Choose a date and time

  • Fill in your Name, email, phone number, and credit/debit card information

  • Click “Request Appointment”

Your appointment will then be approved/declined. If approved, you will be emailed a link with “shared documents” that are REQUIRED to be reviewed/signed/completed PRIOR (24 hours before) your scheduled appointment. If documents are not completed prior to your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be canceled, and you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $50. If your request is denied, you will need to log back in as an “Existing Client” and an alternative date/time will need to be requested.

Required Documentation for Probation/Parole:

Required Documentation  for DHS:

MUST BE UPLOADED - into the client chart- in the client portal

o Intake Form
o Individual Service Plan
o Assessment/Safety Plan
o ID (State issued Identification Card)

o Affidavit
o Judgement and Sentencing
o ID (State-issued Identification Card)

  •  take a picture and upload the picture from your device.

You will be able to log into the client portal at any time 

  • Click “Existing Client"

  • Enter the email address previously used to request an appointment 

  • Check your email inbox for a link sent from SimplePractice/Center for HOPE/Melinda Schuster

  • Click the link which will log you into the client portal and allow you to access/upload documents,  message Melinda securely, cancel/reschedule appointments, sign/review shared documents, etc.